Essential Links

Here are some essential links that explain my work:

The concept of “the net shift” as a descriptor for the receptor response:

1) “Weber’s law modeled by the mathematical description of a beam balance”

2) Graphics for the net shift

2) Preventing Rapid Receptor Desensitization at the beta-1-Adrenergic Receptor with Agonist/Antagonist Combinations

3) A Quixotic Quest to Change Pharmacology

4) Method for determining drug-molecular combinations that modulate and enhance the therapeutic safety and efficacy of biological or pharmaceutical drugs

The concept that a free cysteine may modulate the ligand binding and REDOX properties of GPCRs:

1) Activation of G Protein-Coupled Receptors Entails Cysteine Modulation of Agonist Binding

2) Molecular dynamics of a biophysical model for beta-2-adrenergic and G protein-coupled receptor activation


About Richard G. Lanzara, Ph.D.

Entrepreneurial Scientist and Pharmacologist interested in how our senses and receptors work and everything else that follows from that...
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